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We provide IT consulting, custom software development and integration services.

Why to choose us?

High-end professional services and products for financial institutions.
Why choose us
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    Experienced team

    Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with experience in various industries, which gives us a full picture for solving problems of varying complexity.

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    Safety & Convenience

    We provide secured services to our clients according to the industries' best practices and standards, such as GDPR & PCI DSS.
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    Latest technology

    Our services and products are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technologies.


We specialize in the following services provided to our customers.
Custom Software Development

We specialise at setting up small, autonomous and efficient teams, which help to solve business problems by writing code. We are not in favour of over-engineering or picking the latest and greatest technologies, rather providing a stable rate of new functionality to our customers by working closely with business experts.

Cloud-native Architecture

We have helped financial institutions to migrate to the Cloud successfully taking into consideration regulatory constraints and applying security hardening. This is accompanied by setting-up blueprints for migration to cloud-native technology stack based on Kubernetes.

PCI Compliance Consulting

We are helping our customers to prepare for one of the most challenging payment security standards – PCI DSS. We have accomplished successful Level 1 PCI DSS certifications both on cloud-native technology stack and bare metal data centres. Proper architecture segmentation and tool choice led to significant cost savings.

DevOps Practices

In our projects we promote full CI/CD automation from traditional builds up to automated production releases. We consult and help to build efficient delivery pipelines for our customers.

Processes Digitalization

We have implemented digitalization project in banking industry covering customer-facing processes. This helped to tie in all existing systems into a unified business processes with features like digital signing, KPI reporting and more.

Team Augmentation

When project is in trouble we are adding extra team members to customer project to meet important deadlines. Our developers are being productive from day one.


We are engaged in a variety of projects, some works that we proudly share.


Read more about how we collaborate with world’s leading payment card tokenization provider in order to enable NFC mobile payments…

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Our story about how we partnered with KLIX to launch a secure eCommerce solution for Baltics market.

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Collaboration with BankLaunch gave the world a digital platform focused on custom and adaptable platform for different FinTech solutions.

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Partners trust us

Our clients and partners rely on the quality of our work.

Māris Cakste

Director of Sales at MeaWallet

A-Heads consulting is a partner that we are happy to work with. A-Heads expertise is in various backend and frontend technologies - for us it was Java on backend and React Native as a mid-layer language. Most important for us is to keep timing and quality - which was one of the reasons to outsource particular tasks to A-Heads. We are very satisfied and recommend A-Heads to anyone that has a need for precise and high quality deliverables - development partner.


Eduards Timofeevs

Business Development Manager at KLIX

We were looking for a proactive and flexible strategic partner when my team started development of the new innovative product. After reviewing all the candidates we chose A-Heads for this role. They planned and implemented architecture and infrastructure, supported the development of core functionalities and are leading the PCI DSS certification. After showing great pace in our team, they were hired for other strategic projects within the company.


Armin Konjalic

Business Development Director at

The A-Heads expertise in the implementation of financial technology is impressive. Always up to date with the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies. Having such an insightful strategic partner as A-Heads is a key to the success of BankLaunch and its customers.


Technologies we use

These are some of the core technologies utilised to gain competitive advantage in our projects.

Go lang

Cloud providers
Spring Boot

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