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A-Heads Consulting Debuts Fastest-Growing Companies TOP 100


Over a two-year period, A-Heads Consulting has made a notable turnover rise by more than 357%, according to the Lursoft business database. The company name now proudly decorates the 66th position of fastest-growing Latvian companies, among such unicorns as Printful.

Lursoft data shows that the Northern-Europe-based company increased its turnover 3.5 times, relating to results in 2017. A-Heads Consulting hit the list of fastest-growing companies for the first time since its existence, with earned 953 400 EUR in revenues in 2019. 

With the world’s tech sector booming, making the hot-list is a confidence boost to stand taller and look towards competing with other FinTech companies across Europe. Dmitry Buzdin, Founder of A-Heads Consulting, agrees that this achievement “definitely will have a beneficial impact on our self-confidence.” 

2020 is a busy year for the team despite the global pandemic. For most of the year, the A-Heads Consulting Team continues its work on, a core banking SaaS (software-as-a-service) for FinTech and payment institutions. The platform mainly focuses on custom and adaptable modules for different FinTech and payment institution solutions. 

The services includes: 

  • user-friendly e-wallet, 
  • holistic AML/KYC toolkit,
  • payment card issuing,
  • comprehensive P2P Investment Marketplace engine, 
  • Internet Bank.

A-Heads reached another milestone in 2019. “We had a fantastic opportunity to partner up with one of the leading financial institutions in the Baltics, Bank Citadele, to develop Klix.” Klix is a new, reliable online payment solution available via a smartphone app for secure purchases using your phone number. 

In 2021, A-Heads plan to continue introducing new projects and improving existing services.

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