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Investing in modular banking platform, BankLaunch


The experts of the digital transformation in finance

For the past several years, we are witnessing the evolution of the banking industry. The delayed digital transformation of traditional bankers has opened up an opportunity for new players and disruptive business models in finances.

A-heads has been actively participating in this digital transformation of the financial industry, by providing IT expertise and professional services to banks, corporations and startups. After serving a wide diversity of clients in fintech, the A-Heads has gathered invaluable know-how and experience.

Investing in the modular banking experience

In order to leverage the accumulated intellectual capital, the A-Heads invested in the spin-off startup, BankLaunch. It is a platform for launching fintech solutions, by assembling pre-built modules and connecting to the API of microservices.  

On the BankLaunch’s platform, clients can reuse and repurpose already existing solutions and thus reduce the development costs dramatically. Developing such complex products from scratch would take a lot of time and resources. In the era of rapid technological transformations, using a modular banking platform to launch an MVP in a minimum time frame and build a whole infrastructure on the top is a logical choice for clients.

“We decided to build a platform for launching fintech projects. Clients usually expect a quick working MVP with API integrations in the short run and a reliable technology partner in the long run.

Our approach enables a launch with reduced market-entry costs and increased customization options. Fast, stable, and scalable digital banking platform. “

Dmitry Buzdin, Managing Director

Synergies of consulting services and product creation

In addition to the consulting services of the A-Heads, the BankLaunch also enables a product creation model.

Providing the new-age financial technologies remains the core motive for both companies.
The services of A-Heads are still available for customers looking for top-notch consulting in the financial technology field, while the BankLaunch platform provides the essential resources required for starting digital financial products. 

By joining the forces together, the A-Heads team and the BankLaunch team have become fundamental players of the ongoing fintech revolution.

“The A-Heads expertise in the implementation of financial technology is impressive. Always up to date with the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies. Having such an insightful strategic partner as A-Heads is a key to the success of BankLaunch and its customers.” – Armin Konjalic, Business Development Director 

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