Klix – New Payment Gateway

Klix – New Payment Gateway


A payment gateway system is an essential tool for eCommerce card transactions.

It serves as a middleman between an online merchant and a payment processing company. This ensures the security of transactions completed through the seller’s website.

Large banks that desire to be the best in their field must provide a wide range of high-quality services. Therefore, it’s an excellent strategy for such institutions to have a payment gateway along with a lending channel.

eCommerce Challenges

Online stores report several transaction difficulties:

  • 85% of retailers say they lose sales because of negative payment experiences
  • 75% of buyers would like checkouts to be faster
  • 56% of shoppers want additional payment alternatives
  • 26% of customers don’t complete their purchase when the checkout takes too long

What is Klix?

Klix is a new, reliable payment solution developed by a top-ranked bank in the Baltics – Citadele. It provides a fast and easy checkout alongside outstanding user experience (UX). In addition, it is also a payment card acceptance solution, which is integrated as one of the payment methods in the seller’s online store.

This new gateway started taking shape more than a year before Covid-19 made eCommerce so essential. With the heightened interest due to the pandemic, Klix already has a significant number of partners in Latvia. Many other companies in Latvia and Lithuania are now considering to implement this new solution. Citadele hopes to expand to Estonia and even beyond the Baltics in the near future.


Klix has several benefits as compared to similar solutions. Let’s delve into the details further below:

Ease of Use

After the first purchase, customers can shop at any Klix partner store easier. As a result, users can avoid the hassle of long payment forms. They also won’t have to remember numerous PINs, passwords, or both.

Speedy Checkout

Once the onboarding process is complete, clients can make purchases without entering their card information again. There are few simple steps:

  • Shop at the eCommerce web site supporting Klix
  • Find the Klix logo and select as a payment option
  • Enter your registered phone number and auto-fill data necessary for the payment
  • Confirm payment

Mobile Access

Dedicated apps are available both for iOS and Android. These store customers’ transaction history and profile and allow quick payment authorization. Additional services are on plan for implementation and will add even more value.


Klix chose to work with A-Heads Consulting to increase the capacity available for the project. The partnership also enhanced the most critical elements of the solution, such as architecture and secure credit card data storage compliant with Level 1 PCI DSS certification requirements.

Klix selected A-Heads Consulting because of its extensive experience in FinTech systems and payment technology. A track record of past successful projects also helped to seal the partnership.

Project Development

The creation process included the following stages:

  • Architecture assessment and design
  • Core backend and administrative back-office software implementation
  • Payment gateway execution
  • Checkout widget implementation

The backend API and back-office implementation took less than six months. In about a year, we developed those functions plus the processing gateway and payment widget. While working on the stages already mentioned, we helped to prepare for the PCI DSS audit.

The Klix project team enjoyed well-organized communication and cooperation with A-Heads. This teamwork eliminated barriers between internal staff and external consultancy, as well as allowed to pay better attention to detail during the undertaking.

We worked together using a start-up setting with an emphasis on task prioritization. All development team members contributed. This way, we were able to provide fast delivery.


The team chose Microsoft Azure as the infrastructure for the new solution for two main reasons:

  • High reliability
  • Support of modern cloud-native architecture

It was a novel approach for the bank. We demonstrated that a cloud can host critical applications and guarantee security.

Partnership Benefits

Through collaboration, we were able to increase the development speed and quality. Contributions from competent professionals with more than ten years of FinTech experience made this possible.

Teamwork also enabled us to eliminate ramp-up time. The use of existing bank licensing and connections, including merchant acquirers, made a substantial difference.

Summing It Up

Klix payment gateway provides a solution to many current eCommerce challenges. This project achieved success by combining bank connections and resources with technical know-how from A-Heads Consulting.

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