MeaWallet and A-Heads stay ahead of financial innovations


MeaWallet, enabler of payment tokenization and “gadget payments”

A-Heads is proud to be a technology partner of MeaWallet, one of the fastest growing payment tokenization companies in Europe and beyond. MeaWallet enables payments from any mobile wallet such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and other OEMs. The solutions of MeaWallet increase the card usage through multiple payment channels. Mea’s connection to the variety of schemes and wallets, simplifies the process of providing payment solutions for its client. The integration process is simple and quick, as MeaWallet is a certified vendor of Mastercard, Visa and Amex.

Nowadays it is popular to use different gadgets as a payment tool. For consumers it is easier to have one device with all the cards. Additionally, it is more secure to pay by NFC enabled devices than by the traditional payment cards. When a card is added to an e-wallet, all of the consumer’s card data is tokenized, meaning that instead of card details a token is sent to the merchant. The real card data is substituted by tokenized data which makes it less accessible and more secure.

The cutting-edge payment technology provider

Working on implementation of state-of-the-art payment technology, such as MeaWallet’s, is a privilege for the A-Heads team. Implementation of complex technological solutions to market leaders is a proof-of-excellence of A-Heads consulting. The team is always thrilled to work on the projects that are focused on the development of the latest technology trends. As the trends keep changing quickly and new payment methods are introduced, A-Heads stays ahead, by working closely with innovative clients and cutting-edge technology leaders.

Working together to support the growing demand for digital payment

The popularity and mass adaptation of various digital payments methods keeps increasing. As the consumer behavior is changing, the merchants are actively looking for ways to adopt new payment processing channels. By working together, both the MeaWallet and A-Heads team are making sure to provide access to payment innovation quickly and securely to their clients.
Increasing customer satisfaction and having their own innovative payment technology is possible to any merchant by reaching out to A-Heads or Mea teams and using their products.

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