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According to SK ID Solutions And LVRTC, more than 80% of adults in the Baltic States use official identity methods to register, pay and apply for various private and public sector services, the identity methods provide huge opportunities for digital business, innovative solutions, and e-commerce. Starting from 1st February 2023 user identification with eID is mandatory. Therefore, it was important to arrange a webinar focusing on related topics. 

Topics discussed in the webinar include authentication and identity management in latest IT solutions and architectures, the legislative actualities and tendencies in the domain, as well as shared practical information about available solutions and their implementation. You will find the content of the seminar, presentations and video recordings of recent events at the end of this article. 

Dmitry Buzdin, Founder of A-Heads Consulting, introduced “Identity Management and Authentication as a Deal-Breaker Brick in Modern Architectures“. Firstly, D. Buzdin introduced  the current state of Identity Management and Authentication. He explained the definitions and gave a hint about identification roles in the near future. Secondly, he explained the IT Environment getting more complex. Thirdly, he discussed digitalization. 
If you want to learn more about the benefits we will get with strong Identity Management and Authentication – see the full video here.

In the presentation “Official digital identities support at online identification – a must by the law“, SigningServices Edgars Stafeckis, CEO of A-Heads Consulting, presented the current situation in the Baltics in terms of usage and legal environment related to identities. The digital goals of the European Union are to make public services available online for all citizens, starting from 2030. Therefore, Edgars presented statistics related to e-ID usage in the EU and the Baltics. His presentation gave an insight into Latvian law changes related to user identification. Learn more here.

Aleksandrs Livmanis, Head of Programs & Bank Process Transformation at Citadele Bank, described how the implementation of identification and authentication process is going in Citadele Bank:  “Citadele Bank Case Study – User experience is the key to success in the digital arena“. Aleksandrs shared his experience about the problems this bank has encountered when implementing Personal identification and authentication solutions. He explained that processes are taking too much time and being too complex for Branches and Call centers. However, he also offered possible solutions, for example: 

1. Creation of a new e-channel for improving business processes and business results.
2. Development of “Secured Web” e-channels with KeyCloak and SigningService technologies.

Alexey Buzdin, CTO of A-Heads Consulting, introduced “Keycloak Identity Management Framework – Shortcut to flexibility and innovation”. He provided insight into what KeyCloak is, how it works and reasons why to use KeyCloak. Alexey also showed how A-Heads Consulting can help you with KeyCloak implementation and other services. In summary, A-Heads can: customize customer themes, use the extension for Smart-ID, Mobile-ID authentication, authenticate to KeyCloak using physical ID cards, and integration with the bank authentication protocol, custom client authentication logic, custom monitoring options in KeyCloak, etc. Watch the full video here.

Keit Kivisild, CTO of SigningServices, shared how SigningServices solution works in “SigningServices authentication service – a single integration to support millions of e-identities”. The main idea of SigningServices solution is to help companies deploy identity tools into their daily process in the most convenient, secure and convenient service maintenance. The simplest business model is: identify, authorize, transact. In his presentation, he introduced several personal identification levels. Listen to What SigingServices can offer to help you implement authentication in your system. Watch the full presentation here.

If you have any questions or want to implement a service – please contact us, and we will help you!


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